Caramel Banana Tart : Success and Failure キャラメルバナナタルト 成功と失敗

Caramel Banana Tart : Success and Failure キャラメルバナナタルト 成功と失敗

The mix of a crispy tart shell with caramel coated banana is delicious! We made a caramel banana tart.
At first, we tried making a caramel banana tart with a different concept in mind, but it completely failed! That is in the second part of the video. We’re sorry to the 15 bananas who were lost, but it ended up delicious in the end.
* Recipe * (Fits in an 18 centimeter pie tin)
First, we will make the tart crust.
1. Mix 50 g of room temperature unsalted butter in a bowl.
2. Add 30 g of sugar and stir.
3. Add one egg yolk and continue mixing.
4. Mix in 100 g of soft flour and 20 g of almond powder.
5. Sift the dry ingredients from 4 into the wet ones from step 3 and mix slowly.
6. When it becomes a lump, wrap it in cling film and place in the fridge for an hour.
7. Put an oven sheet in the pie tin.
8. Put 180g of granulated sugar and 70g of water into a pot and heat.
9. Without stirring and heat until boiling, then lower the heat until it becomes your desired caramel color.
10. Sprinkle into step 7, and spread 15g of unsalted butter.
11. Cut the three large banana into approx 1.5cm pieces.
12. Arrange neatly into the tin and add granulated sugar.
13. Roll out the dough to a 5mm thickness, make into a circle and pick it up.
14. Place the dough into the tin.
15. Bake in a preheated oven for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.
16. Take it out from the tin when you can touch it with bare hands. If it’s too cold, the caramel will solidify and stick together so try and take it out while it’s still a little warm.
17. It’s time to eat! It tastes even better with ice cream.

Maybe this is a banana Tarte Tatin?


*レシピ*(18センチ セルクル型)
1.ボウルに室温に戻した無塩バター 50gを混ぜる。
2.砂糖 30gを入れすり混ぜる。
3.卵黄 1個分を入れ混ぜる。
4.薄力粉 100g、アーモンドパウダー 20gを混ぜる。

8.鍋にグラニュー糖 180g、水 70gを入れ火にかける。
10.7に流し入れ、無塩バター 15gを散らす。
11.大きめのバナナ 3本を1.5センチほどに切る。

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