How to make ★Holiday Wreath Tart★ホリディリースタルト(EP82)

How to make ★Holiday Wreath Tart★ホリディリースタルト(EP82)


Today, I want to share with you how to make “Holiday wreath tart”.

It’s December, it’s the baking season on the planet. As many of you know, we celebrate Xmas as the biggest event of the year. We have several parties in a month, and this tart is baked for one of it.

It looks overwhelming but actually, quite easy to make and easy to cut and serve.

★Holiday Wreath Tart★


Pate sucre   27cm (11 inches ) tart mold

150g unsalted butter

100g confectionary sugar

One large egg

A pinch of salt

Dash of vanilla bean paste or essence

30g almond powder

250g cake flour

<Almond cream>

120g unsalted butter

120g powdered sugar

2 large eggs

120g almond powder

A pinch of salt

Dash of almond essence

<Custard cream>

400ml whole milk

50g sugar

2 large egg yolks

A dash of vanilla paste or essence

10g flour

10g cornstarch

20g unsalted butter

Full recipe:

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