Transparent Milk Tea Tart 透明ミルクティータルト

Transparent Milk Tea Tart 透明ミルクティータルト

We wanted to make this tart after seeing this pie on the Tastemade Instagram:
The filling is transparent, but tastes exactly like a milk tea tart! We mixed matcha powder into the base, and used Suntory Tennensui Premium Morning Tea Milk Flavor for the filling because it is clear, but has the perfect milk tea flavor.
This stuff is amazing! It’s like magic!

*Recipe* (makes six 8.5cm tarts, or one 18cm tart)
Making the tart base
1. Mix 50g of unsalted butter in a bowl at room temperature.
2. Add 30g of sugar and mix with butter by scraping the mixture against the bottom of the bowl.
3. Add one egg yolk and mix.
4. In a separate bowl, mix 3g of matcha powder and 20g of almond powder into 97g of weak flour.
5. Sift the flour from step 4 into the mixture from step 3 and mix gently.
6. Shape the mixture into one clump and wrap it in cellophane. Then, let it sit in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
7. Separate the mixture from step 6 into six parts (about 38g each), and bake in Vitantonio tart pans. Alternatively, you can spread the entire mixture in an 18cm tart pan and bake it.
8. Once it has cooled slightly, put it in the refrigerator to chill.

Making the filling (with half leftover)
9. Put 50g of sugar and 200g of Suntory Tennensui Premium Morning Tea Milk Flavor in a small pan and heat.
10. Let the sugar melt, and remove it from the heat just before it boils.

11. Add 10g of powder gelatin to the mixture from step 9, and allow to melt.
12. Mix in 300g of Suntory Tennensui Premium Morning Tea Milk Flavor at normal temperature.
13. Separate a little bit of the mixture from step 12.
14. Paint some of the mixture from step 12 onto the fully chilled tart bases from step 8, in order to coat the surface and fill in holes.
15. Cool in the refrigerator.
16. Put the mixture from step 12 into the tart bases from step 15.
17. Cool in the refrigerator.
18. Enjoy with fresh cream to taste. The perfect milk tea flavor! How surprising!

This recipe is difficult. The filling is liquid when you pour it into the tart bases, so take care that no holes (from air bubbles, etc.) appear in the bases when they are baking. If there are big holes, the filling will run out of them, making for a laborious cleanup. This time, we painted the liquid jelly on using a brush. However, there were also methods where once we poured it into the tart base, it immediately burst open (be sure to do it before the tart base loses strength). In any case, fully coating the base with the jelly liquid is essential. Half of the filling will be leftover. You can either let it solidify and enjoy it as jelly, or halve the recipe when making it.

TastemadeのInstagramでパイを見て 作りたくなったこのタルト。
透明フィリングだけど、味はちゃんとミルクティータルトです。タルト台には、紅茶パウダーを混ぜ込み、フィリングには透明だけど味は完全ミルクティーのサントリー 天然水 プレミアムモーニングティーミルクを使ってます。

*レシピ*(8.5センチのタルト型 6個分、または18センチのタルト型 1個分)
1.ボウルに室温に戻した無塩バター 50gを混ぜる。
2.砂糖 30gを入れすり混ぜる。
3.卵黄 1個分を入れ混ぜる。
4.薄力粉 97gに紅茶パウダー 3g、アーモンドパウダー 20gを混ぜる。

9.小鍋に砂糖 50gとサントリー 天然水 プレミアムモーニングティーミルク200gを入れ火にかける。
11.9に粉ゼラチン 10gを入れ溶かす。
12.常温のサントリー 天然水 プレミアムモーニングティーミルク300gを混ぜ入れる。



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